The mass produced object forms a thread between workers of the third world and consumers of the first. Through the perspective of motherhood, Touched explores both the unfolding of her labour within the confines of home and in gendered industries of our homelands. She is a common performer in this endless stage of production. Connections and disconnections arise from the processes in these varied situations - unmasking questions often unthought of.

Touched is an experiential project, where the viewer is exposed to a number of non-sequential snippets of video and photography. Through physical and digital multi-media, our room creates an immersive environment where the consumers, us, engage in a pertinent conversation about our society. 

This project was realized as a collaboration between four graphic designers, including me. Our collective, called SPAM comprises of Sayeda Akbary, Preethi Jagadeesh, Ayesha Ijaz and Maggie Chan. 

You can also visit Blog TO to check out our work at Gladstone Hotel along with many other exhibitiors!
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